Shana Wright Wood, LPC, SEP, MPA

Welcome. I am a mental health counselor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Atlanta who specializes in holistic resolution of the effects of trauma and stress. Together, we process feelings of overwhelm and disconnection so you can develop deeper relationships with other people, the natural world, and within yourself.

Are you so worried about how you’re living your life that you’re not living it? Motivated to be your true self, but are not sure who that is or how to get there? Does opening up to the energy around you feel too overwhelming, so you shut down? Together, we can slow down to begin moving through the anxiety and start placing yourself within your own story. In a supportive environment, you can explore your identity, firm up leaky boundaries, and gain a sense of balance.

You can slow down, be present, and feel better

The therapeutic journey is a collaborative process designed to promote safety, exploration, and insight, while building resilience. Therapy is an investment in yourself, a process designed to be both challenging and rewarding. Our work is anchored in a somatic Attachment framework that incorporates deep internal listening and awareness of expression of the different parts of yourself. By drawing on your felt sense, we are able to tune in to your system and use the body’s consciousness to improve results. We will also understand your personal work within the context of environment, both natural and social. Together we can process meaningful themes while nurturing unseen parts in order to release your creative energy and shift toward greater wellbeing.

You want someone who speaks your language

Choosing a therapist is a big decision, and you want someone who will feel right for you. It can be scary at times to examine your life, belief systems, and behaviors. I work with sensitive systems that are seeking balance and a greater understanding of self. I collaborate with people familiar with feeling a sense of existing in the margins, and hold respect for boundaries while creating new ways of moving through the world.  My office is LGBTQ+ welcoming, neurodivergent-affirming, and body-positive.


Shana currently will have availability to see a new client at 10am on Tuesdays, beginning mid-April.  

Maija Salins, LMSW, SEP, is also a part the practice, and is currently available to schedule with new clients. To read more about Maija, visit her page here.