Maija Salins, LMSW, LMT, CST-D, SEP

Philosophy and Approach

Whether you consider yourself a trauma survivor, a highly sensitive or anxious person, or someone living with chronic stress or pain, I strive to meet you with a somatic, collaborative, strengths-based approach that acknowledges you as the expert on your own life. Maybe this is the first time you’ve reached out for therapeutic support, or maybe you’re looking to try again with someone who will really get to know you and your therapeutic needs. Your whole, authentic self is welcome in our work together, and I place a high priority on asking for and taking in your feedback about our relationship and the therapy process. Rather than working with only your thoughts and behaviors, together we have the option of exploring how trauma and stress have shaped your body and nervous system, and how, over time and in the context of a safe-enough therapeutic relationship, these patterns can shift. I affirm LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, and other marginalized identities, and I acknowledge that this is an ongoing process of learning. I also acknowledge that we all live within systems that can be supportive, harmful, or a combination of both, and that therapy can help us live with more capacity and choice within those systems but isn’t a substitute for systemic change. 

Pronouns: she/her

Education and Experience

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from Widener University (lic. MSW010910) and am working toward full clinical licensure under the direction of Shana Wright Wood, LPC, and under the supervision of Marie Woods, LMFT.

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidence-based trauma treatment that assists in changing how memories are stored in the brain and decreasing associated symptoms, including mental, emotional, and physical distress.

I also work with Somatic Experiencing (SE), which helps to address the effects of trauma on the body, mind, and nervous system. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), have assisted at SE trainings from the beginning through advanced levels, and am an approved SE session provider for students at the beginning level.

I am also fully trained in Somatic Regulation and Resilience (SRR), a method developed by Kathy Kain, PhD, and Stephen Terrell, PsyD, which helps to provide gentle, relational, body-focused support to people with early developmental trauma. I have additional training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which combines values exploration, committed action and mindfulness skills to increase psychological flexibility.

Before pursuing a second career as a psychotherapist, I spent over twenty years in the field of massage and bodywork. It was during this time that I was able to first observe the body/mind/spirit connection, which inspired me to further my studies in order to support the people I work with in a more holistic way.


I am available for weekly or biweekly therapy sessions, which are priced at $140 for 50 minutes or $210 for 75 minutes. I do not participate with any insurance networks. To schedule a free phone consultation, please contact me at