Redefining Your Relationship to Traumatic & Stressful Experiences

Unresolved trauma and stress can be stored in the nervous system and reverberate into all areas of life. Individual responses to difficult events or life circumstances may pop up as anxiety, relationship issues, pain syndromes, or in other ways.

I have been certified as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. This is a biophysiological model for working with trauma and stress that helps people access and clear body-based underpinnings of the traumatic stress response. We work with your system instead of overriding it, in ways that are creative and meaningful to you. Trauma is not in an event but in the response. This kind of therapy can help people recognize somatic (body-based) responses and patterns, discharge stuck energy, and give the nervous system corrective experiences. I also draw on Inner Relationship Focusing, which offers a gentle approach to developing presence while accessing different parts of oneself in order to better understand and heal through deep internal work.  As you begin to release the effects of trauma you can have a greater sense of organization and balance, and increase your ability to relax.

A session with me is facilitated through discussion where you lead the session and I help to direct and contain it. It is a collaborative process that begins with resourcing and establishing an understanding of how your system moves between activation and release. My approach is rooted in consent, and incorporates increased awareness with gentle challenges your system in order to heal.